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After a long investigation into whether or not the Beijing Independent Film Festival (BiFF) would be happening this year, I was told that in a robotic tone that  "there are no screenings or events happening this year". After pressing the woman on the phone she dropped a hint that is was "inconvenient to speak any the moment", leading me to suspect that the line was under surveillance; last year the power to the festival was cut by authorities and the directors were unlawfully detained (picture below). This is the reality of independent film in China. 

Photo credit:  Hélène Franchineau

Photo credit: Hélène Franchineau

Luckily, a band of filmmakers, cinephiles, and supports are bringing the best of BiFF to online audiences. If you're interested in getting a taste of what stories they don't want you to see, follow this link for free access to the 2015 BiFF festival on MUBI:

You can read more about BiFF and Cinema on the Edge here:

In solidarity!

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