Visual Storyteller. AR/VR Experience Designer


"We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds. My stories are a way of shutting my eyes"
— Franz Kafka

"Bugs were the dreams within virtual reality"
— Jaron Lanier

I began taking photos as an excuse to justify my curiosity. For this reason, my musing are hard to categorize. They span documentary, fiction and the emerging hybrid breed of immersive storytelling oft called VR. I'm drawn to cross-cultural and character driven stories. At the age 18, I began to film what would become a feature length documentary 'Cruisinwithkenny', following a man on a mission to "go viral" on youtube as he mountain bikes across the rain forests of Costa Rica. 

More recently I've completed my undergraduate degree in Philosophy as well as Film and New Media Studies at Colorado College. I attended New York University Tisch Semester Program while in undergraduate studies as well. After graduation, I was honored to receive the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, giving me the opportunity to carry out a year long independently designed project on Asian cinema titled 'The Empathy Machine: Exploring Global Cinema's Transformative Potential'. My unscripted year as a fellow took me to China, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Mongolia where I watched films in solar powered yurts and smoggy underground, Beijing film festivals. 

Since returning stateside in 2016, I have been shooting and producing 360° immersive media in Brooklyn, NY. As a Google VR Jumpstart Fellow I traveled 4,650 feet underground into a decommissioned goldmine turned particle physics laboratory in Lead, South Dakota. This partnership culminated with {THE AND} VR which premiered at IDFA Doc Lab 2017. I am currently in post-production on an interactive VR experience titled LUX SINE, while spearheading Technical Production at The Endless Collective.